Backup for Nextcloud snap

I would like to know what the best way is to backup the snap version of Nextcloud? Currently, I am thinking about a script which automatically schedules a snap backup like this: How To Backup Nextcloud - Kev Quirk
(essentially using nextcloud.export and a crob job to execute it regularly)

and then I can use a backup solution to synchronise the file to a backup location?

Other things I have considered:

  1. Nextcloud backup app (didn’t work well for me)
  2. Server snapshops of the hosting provider (is only being done once per week, I would like to have something more up-to-date)

I would like to save both settings and data and I am fine with both snap-based solutions and also backups of the whole server.

Did you search the forum already? lot of cool solution described here. Dont’ forget the new backup app.

Yes, I did. However, most posts regarding backups are either not snap-related or regarding problems, not solutions. And the new backup app did cause more problems than it solved. I am not sure how much it has been tested with snap installations.


NextCloud Snap backup process is given here → How to backup your instance · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap Wiki (

Using different arguments, you can either issue a full backup or take sperate backup of database / config or data.

It works, I have used this method to transfer nextcloud from one physical server to another.


Yes, I had something similar in mind, the only question is how I can automate this process.