Backup advise needed

Hey, hope you are all doing well!

I have a Nextcloud hosted on a Hetzner VPS with S3 primary storage on Wasabi.

My setup is Apache2, Postgresql, Php7.4.

I am wondering what is the best way to have a full incremental backup on a S3 Backblaze bucket.

Do i do a nextcloud installation backup on Hetzner and i backup the Wasabi S3 bucket onto Backblaze or there is a way to backup the full instance on backblaze S3?

Please tell me if i am not clear on what im asking.

Thank you very much!!

take a look at Backup App this integrated app can save backup to all storage targets connected to your system. As you are talking about system distributed over the internet bandwidth and traffic cost might become an issue - review the app introduction as well, lot of important topics have been discussed there…

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I figured out that rclone is a good tool to automate backups and their documentation is great.