Awareness on a sadly dying app: nextcloud / forms

Hi everyone,

I would like to raise awareness on nextcloud form app, which is apparently dying:

I love NextCloud and am trying to bring as many new users as possible on board! This form app used to be a compelling feature, with a huge potential. Now, it is just an useless disappointment.

Is there any intent to fix it or phase it out? I would help if I could…

Best to you all.

(N.B. “nextcloud forms” is way more interesting than " nextcloud polls", which seems to keep being adequately maintained and updated)


that would be great because it is an application that could help us do without google form, if it was improved it is an application as important as mail, contact or other

cela serait top car c’est une application qui pourrait nous aider à nous passer de google form, si il était amélioré c’est une application aussi important que mail, contact ou autre


That would be great, I agree. Help us leaving Gggle form…


Indeed, sad to see an important and working app fall by the wayside.


as far as i know it was a Google Summer of Code project (but I might be wrong),
that might explain why the original developers are not following up on this.

As always, probably the best way to keep this up is if commercial users (with nextcloud subscription) say that they need this, so it might become an official nextcloud app developed by core team. Or we do bountysource. Its about money (=time) in the end.

another idea is to find universities/university professors that are willing to do projects in their courses about this – anyone got contacts?


ummm… why not forking the app and continue it? it was made for forking… and it’s officially allowed and covered by it’s license, i think…


Hello @fdrgit @pwepwe973 @born2webdesign and welcome to the user forums of Nextcloud.

It is like so often, someone needs and uses an app. The original developer has no more time or desire. The users are not happy that the app is no longer maintained.
The only thing that helps:
Start coding the app yourself or become
Enterprise user and continue the app by payment.

This is the user’s perspective and I fully understand the view.

From my perspective, no fork is necessary.
Best is to communicate in advance what you want to do, start coding and create pull requests after consultation.

We need to help ourselves :slight_smile: So start contributing if possible.


thats always a good thing! i fully agree

the next step, of course.

but what if there’s noone to merge any pull request anymore? and i got the impression that the students have left the project after finishing it successfully. so i came up with the forking-idea


Best is to get in contacts with devs before forking and see who will spend some time supporting the app fitting to the store/framework :slight_smile:


@alexanderdd I’m working on a public grant application to finance this development among others. It will yet take a few months if and before it succeeds.

I seriously think someone should at least try to fix the current app to make it usable. Otherwise, the momentum is likely to get lost…

This form app has such a huge potential within the NextCloud environment. I’m even suprised that we have to fight to raise awareness on the matter!

I can’t contribute as a developer (and it wouldn’t be where I could bring the most added value) but am a firm advocate of NextCloud (blessed be the license chosen!) and other FOSSs in society (NGOs, public and private sectors, etc.).


i agree for 100%.
thus i am surprised that NC itself didn’t come up with the idea of making it an offical app and maintain it likewise.


hello, no it’s not that we are not satisfied or dissatisfied, but rather that seeing us the potential of this appliction, I have been using it since these beginnings and I am afraid of seeing it go into oblivion, while it is sincerely a real competitor to google form …
and we would like to make it known and attract interested people who could help improve this little gold nugget.



I’ve never used the Forms app, which perhaps makes me a bad candidate, but I’m a heavy and longtime NextCloud user, and I’ve been looking for the next FOSS project. I wouldn’t be opposed to forking it and carrying it forward. I’ll give it a closer look.


I don’t see how the Nextcloud model will continue by developing these nextcloud specific apps instead of integrating other open source software into it. It would be better to integrate the FOSS Tellform into nextcloud then trying to update these apps that don’t receive financial or developer support. Building a closed ecosystem will have the same effect as using proprietary software.

It is not closed. See integration of apps like pico cms or horde based mail client.

This discussion ist getting off-topic.

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@rakekniven I don’t mind having a third FOSS being integrated to NextCloud for form functionalities.

The thing is that a form app seems a key feature for a fully-developped collaborative online hub (survey, opinions, preferences, suggestions, membership applications, etc.). At this stage, the available app for this is not only basic, but essentially useless; this is a real issue for user’s general satisfaction.

If there was a more elaborated strategy for form functionalities (ex. integration of a third FOSS [Drupal for instance]), I would be very pleased. I however believe we should go step-by-step on this. Overachievement may discourage simple and required problem-solving steps.

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See the original thread. This app is not closed. It is built on SurveyJS, an existing and quite powerful open source survey platform


Sounds good, thanks! Perhaps forking isn’t necessary, I haven’t tried to directly reach the original maintainer. Let us know whatever you decide!

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Any news so far? @agent_libre

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No quick fix from my end, unfortunately.

I’m finishing the funding application next week, which should compromise some Drupal/NextCloud developments. However, it will take some time before any thing substantial emerges (months at best).

It yet seems that the app is now being on the radar again - thanks to our stir? Do not hesitate to keep the topic alive and spread it on other forums [Reddit?] (then feel free to share the URLs if you do)!