Automatic wifi music sync to iPhone

My brother has an iPhone 6 Plus, and a large collection of mp3s. He’s not very technically savvy at all, and in particular he doesn’t really grasp the idea of “don’t use up all your 3G data before the end of the month” :slight_smile: So what I’d like to do is put all (or some) of his mp3s on my server, and then set up his iPhone so that when it’s on wifi, it downloads all those mp3s to his phone and they’re playable in the normal iOS music app.

I believe it’s possible to set a nextcloud folder to sync automatically. So this seems like a great solution: I run a nextcloud server and put his mp3s in it; we install the iOS Nextcloud client on his phone and set it to automatically sync that folder; his music is then available on the phone and he doesn’t have to do anything, and when he gets new music he just tells me, I put that mp3 in my nextcloud server, and it’ll sync to his phone the next time he’s on wifi with no effort.

A couple of questions to confirm that I understand this correctly and can do it:

  1. can I, in the iOS client, set a folder to download its content automatically, and download new content to the phone when new content appears? (It doesn’t matter if there’s a bit of a time lag between new content being added and it downloading)
  2. if (1) works, can I set it to only download on wifi?
  3. if iOS nextcloud downloads mp3s, do they show up automatically in the iOS music app?
  4. if my nextcloud server is behind a NAT, can I pick some arbitrary high-numbered port on the firewall (say, 25197) and port forward it to port 80 on nextcloud, and then configure the iOS client that my nextcloud is at myhomeip:25197?
  5. is it safe to expose a nextcloud server to the internet like that, or is some sort of ssh tunnelling a better idea?

Hi @sil

  1. Yes, when open Nextcloud IOS the synchronized folders downloads the new files or files changed
  2. Yes, [Settings-Synchronized folders-Only use Wi-Fi connection]
  3. ? what is it ?
  4. Yes
  5. if you have configured well your server, you do not need.