Automatic picture upload on Android 7 (Nougat)


I tried Android 7 beta on my tablet … the pictures I take are not uploaded automatically.

Someone successfully running the Nexcloud app with Android 7 beta?


Hi @guddl,

nope, this is a known issue, see and Direct upload photos doesn’t work
This is due to the fact that Google complete changed the way services and background processing works from Android N onward. I myself am using the latest Android N beta. The necessary changes haven’t been investigated in detail yet and I wouldn’t expect a “fix” before the End of September (or later).
At the moment the App is mainly maintained by @tobiasKaminsky and me, so it is also a matter of resources.

Best regards,

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No Problem :slight_smile: Thanks for great work. I can live with this issue for the moment :wink:


Thanks for your understanding. I can also live with it but it is truely an issue since I cannot test anything related to instant upload at the moment. :frowning:


Oh dear, just saw this. Auto upload is literally 95% of my use case for the app.

@JasonBayton we are already working on this matter but it’ll take some time since the actual Android contributors including me are on vacation right now but I am positive that we will resolve this within September.

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Good evening… are there any news about the auto-upload-feature ? I´m really missing it, beause i´d like to go away from google photos… Regards, Martin

We are still working on it.
There will be soon a beta version which needs to be heavily tested, so stay tuned :thumbsup:


@guddl @JasonBayton @Martin_Goebel IN around 24H

IF you have some time to spare you can download and install/test the
(upcoming) beta app (like before it can be installed in parallel to the
stable release)

The next beta release with the new Instant Upload feature I mentioned will be available in about 24h +/- some hours. Beware though that this is a completely new implementation of the instant upload so this is truly beta So bug need to be expected and if they occur please report them on our issue tracker
Thanks for your patience with the instant upload and any help testing this new feature. Hint… It’ll be way more than just “camera” :wink:


Great to hear… will have a look @ f-droid and will heavily test… thanks for your work man…

Thanks in advance for your test efforts, implementation is a joint effort of me and @tobiasKaminsky :smiley:
As I said it will take around 24 hours until the beta 20161026 will be published by f-droid.

Beta version 20161026 is live! :sunny:

Ok, here are the first results…: Had Android 7 beta on my nexus 5x, Upload didn´t work. So - for better comparisation and testing - i moved back to stable, began installation from scratch and tested again, but no instant uploading of new pictures in my home wlan…

Instant Upload is activated for 2 directories, photos were taken after activating nextcloud beta upload. Upload-directory is defined correctly…

Any hints or tricks to test ? Feel free to use me for testing…


EDIT: Correction - the following happens:
First i get an error message telling me that the app is unable to copy the pic to the local folder - seconds later the upload begins and finishes successful…

cc @tobiasKaminsky for the copy error message

@Martin_Goebel The new instant upload is in compliance with Android Doze, introduced in Android 6 and extended in Android 7, so the instant upload is not as instant as before, since Doze is now deciding when Nextcloud is allowed to do some upload work and also decides when it has to stop/resume/pause/etc. So it is not in our hands anymore but will take place when Android decides it. The retries are also newly introduced for some error cases if I am correct (please correct me if I am wrong @tobiasKaminsky).


hatte erst heute Zeit mir die Beta anzuschauen … sieht aber ganz gut aus :slight_smile: Mehr kann ich noch nicht sagen…

Nexus 5x Android 7.1.1 (beta) // Nextcloud 10.0.1 (stable)


Good evening,

did some more testing today… Here´s what i found out:

Everytime when an upload fails at the first time (refer to my “Edit” two posts above) a folder with the name of the picture is created in the DCIM/Camera-folder.

Look at the pic - IMG_20161028_193159 exists as a picture (from the second upload retry) and as a folder (from the first failed upload)…

Greetings, Martin


perhaps it is this “error” in Android 7 … (link to german a german site)


Hi Andreas,

thank you - you´re right - this is extactly the error i see on my phone, So, sorry to the nextcloud-app guys… it´s not a problem of the app… !!


I actually switched to another device on MM :frowning: but I’m still testing it <3

No worries Martin, btw the issue you referred to is fixed in Android 7.1.1 :slight_smile: