Automatic office file locking - does it work? next steps?


According to github, automatic locking of office files when someone else edits them should now work:

Does it work for you? And what are your specs? (NC server version, Operating System and Version, NC desktop client version)

It did not work in a test I did with two other people on different operating systems: Allow automatic locking for Office files 路 Issue #5893 路 nextcloud/desktop 路 GitHub

And it doesn鈥檛 work for others:

  1. Gleichzeitige Bearbeitung von Dateien (file locking; conflicted copies)
  2. Jerome Herbinet: works with Manjaro but not Ubuntu Automatically lock LibreOffice files on server while they are being edited locally by claucambra 路 Pull Request #5986 路 nextcloud/desktop 路 GitHub
  3. comment by @Hunduster in the video linked at the top
  4. not sure if this fits: New locking of office files feature?


I can confirm that it still doesn鈥檛 work for us.

Server version: 27.1.3
Client: Windows 10 22H2
Desktop client : 3.10.1

The calls for M365 are also getting louder and louder because we are doing project work and the conflicts are simply getting out of hand in the teams.

I had a meeting with Nextcloud GmbH last week about switching to the Enterprise version and they assured me in the call that file locking would work in any case. I also informed them that it doesn鈥檛 work in my private environment nor in our enterprise environment.

I read today that you should sync the hidden files to get the .lock files. That was new to me (although logical). But that doesn鈥檛 seem to be the solution either?

I have the same issue , forget about the client use dav with nextcloud, syncing is a pain in the neck. not pratical for large organizations, always conflicts and people not seeing the same thing.