Automated Backup Solution for Hosters

Good Evening lovely community,
I’m new to NextCloud and so I’m also new to this forum! :slight_smile:

I just have a quick question:
I’m having my own vServer rented at my hosting provider, which seems not to be running very well these days (many downtimes and bad response times), so I would have the question if you have an idea on issue.

I’d like to backup my data files once a day to an external server or service (e.g. another server at another hosting provider, shared server or Dropbox for example) and have the files being deployed in both servers simultaneously (so not just the App “External Storage”).

If you have an idea on how to achieve it, i would be very happy :slight_smile:

To keep them im sync is not easy, there was a proposal to discuss today:


I guess it depends on what you’re looking for really.

If you don’t care about seeing the data twice you could use external storage on Nextcloud and run a scheduled rsync script to copy your data to a connected dropbox/other service. In this case Nextcloud is indeed the primary, but dropbox would have a complete replica within however many minutes/hours/days you set it to replicate. You could also do this without external storage if you use an ssh-backed remote storage solution (like s3 or another Linux server).

If you want master/master with everything in sync, so far the recommended method has been to use a distributed storage platform like Gluster, but you’d end up needing to reinstall (or at the very minimum tweak) your current NC server to accommodate the change in data directory, and if it’s flaky I wouldn’t rely on distributed storage. As @tflidd pointed out I’m looking into other ways which would avoid Gluster et al, though that’s mostly my experimentation as I’d otherwise be looking into Gluster too like a normal person. Worth noting also you’ll need to configure a master/master DB relationship here and that’s not simple.

Throw a few more of your ideas/opinions out to us and perhaps another solution will present itself.


Sadly, this does not seem to be easy and I don’t think I’ve the needed knowledge in order to achieve my goal.

Anyways, if there is a Addon available one day, please let me know :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

So, are you going to use external storage for now?