Auto-Upload issue

I’ve been experiencing issue with automatic image upload within Android NextCloud clients ever since the option has been named “Auto Upload”.

I have Auto-Upload option turned on for Camera folder on my phone

  • Remote folder: /Photos/
  • Upload via wifi only - YES
  • Use subfolders - YES

Some of the images get uploaded normally but many don’t even get picked up by auto-upload option. I can see their preview when I tap on Menu > Auto-Upload but no trace of them on server and there’s no report that they’ve been ever uploaded to the server.

I am experiencing this issue with both OnePlus 5 with android 7.1, Samsung S8 and even Sony Z5 which was running Android 7.0.

Any idea how to start troubleshooting this issue further?

Now searching through threads I can see that this could possibly be duplicate of Nextcloud Android client won't auto-upload

Can you please check out Call for testing - Android client version 1.5!? :slight_smile: