Auto tagging only for files

I make autotagging rule, it works, but it also auto tags the folder where the tagged file is located.
how can I make that the auto tagging work only for files not to the folders.
I do not want the folders to be auto tagged. how can I do that?

Can anyone help?

You have to give the folder a tag.

Rule 1

file is tagged with -> YOURTAG

Rule 2

file mime-type -> IS NOT -> custom (and enter the following) -> httpd/unix-directory

Chose another Tag. Now only the files from inside the folder you taged with rule 1 have the other tag. Voila.

I know, it’s quite a while since that topic was active… but:

Is there any - non database-scripting - solution for tagging already existing files in a folder and not only new files when they are created?

And maybe slightly off-topic: but is there a difference with the tag handling, when a file is copied or moved?

Maybe sb can help me.
There is no word in the tag list “List is empty”. Where must i write in the tag-words?
I want that only the files in folders will be deleted after 10 days. Because of the this i need a automatic tag. Then the retention app can look for the tags and will delete the files automatically.

i try it, but my “List is empty” for the words of tagging. Where must i write in the words?

It’s a bit off topic. But you can add, edit and delete Tags in general settings > general at the bottom of the page. This is the first step for your Workflow.

Unfortunately there is no function like this, yet. Many people including me are interested in this feature. So if you know more, please let us now.