How to auto add tag to files in certain folder?

Hi everyone!
I have this upload-only folder for people to upload files to me, but I don’t always need all of them and I would like to have the folder be cleaned automatically once in a while.
That’s when I noticed the Retention App.
I wish to tag every single file uploaded to that certain folder be tagged in a specific tag so the Retention App can delete it after a certain amount of time, is this possible?

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Hi @Philip

There is an official app “Files automated tagging”. Its description reads:
“An app for Nextcloud that automatically assigns tags to newly uploaded files based on some conditions”.

I didn’t use this app yet, but it sounds like it could be exactly what you need.

Thank you for your reply, I will try it out!

I just checked my app directory and found that I already have this app, I think it’s the workflow settings.
Which makes sense, because that’s what I did for now.

I read this post and followed it:

For example if I want to have all files uploaded to the “Photo” folder tagged with the tag “photo”,
I add an invisible tag “photo-parent” to the “Photo” folder itself,
Then I go to workflow, add rule
If File system tag is tagged with “photo-parent”, tag the file with the tag “photo”

And it works!


I want to do this in 2020 with nextcloud 18 and the new workflow. But it just adds the new tag to the folder, too.

EDIT: I solved the problem, look over here.

@wook This is the trick, works like a charme (NC18); thank you!

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