Authentication issues (failed logon attempts from iOS app trigger bruteforce protection)

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as everything relevant is already said BUT the necessary attention is missing, I´d like to directly point to those two issues on Github, which seems to be the wrong place as lack of response and interest of capable developers is showing. Therefore I want to raise awareness from a user point of view.

This problem kills almost every producte interaction with nextcloud on the go. Fallback to the web browser is just a very bad workaround. Nobody takes care, this bug exists for 2 and 1/2 months now.

I´m not 100 % sure if the ball lies in the field of the iOS app team or the server team (especially the authentication, maybe even 2FA part of nextcloud server).

If money helps: who needs how much to take a look into this and fix it? We´re quite desperated.

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So this is the whole app experience just opening the Nextcloud iOS app:

  1. grafik

And that´s it. Blocked due to too many failed logon attempts. I can monitor them live:

Similar to Issues with last nextcloud apps V2.25.6 on IOS.


I’m sorry that you get hit by these issues - we always try to deal with problems as soon as we can, but please understand we are, as you can probably see from the number of open issues, always busy.

We have to prioritize and that sometimes can mean some issues get no or little attention for a long time. If these really bother you as home user you can try to find somebody with developer knowledge who can fix them, if it bothers you as enterprise user perhaps you can contact our sales team.

Also note that github is NOT a support platform: saying that you get an error is not very helpful. You can ask here, if somebody can figure out what is wrong, or use github to report a specific bug after you’ve found the core issue. That is not the case with the problems you mentioned - so those bug reports are not helpful to us.

Let me put it differently: you have to do the work to identify the root cause so our developers can fix it right away. Example code, curl examples or example apps are good ways of showing what is wrong, and we very much welcome patches and links to the relevant code. Also, please make sure you have tested if the issue also happens on the latest daily build of Nextcloud. You can learn how to set up a developer instance here:

Of course, if you can’t do this debugging, you can ask other home users who might be willing to help or give pointers. If nobody wants to help, sorry, there’s not much that can be done other than that you put in more time yourself. If your business need this issue fixed, we’re happy to do the debugging for you as part of our subscription services.

meanwhile, complaining here and on other channels that we don’t take your issues serious isn’t really a motivation for us to fix them, sorry. We have loads of work and loads of issues and we don’t get paid to fix your problem.