Issues with last nextcloud apps V2.25.6 on iOS

I updated nextcloud apps on my IOS.
And now I have this error.
I try the old login method and doesn’t work (connection error).
And I’ve tried everything :frowning:
the other versions from before, worked very well.
I don’t know what it is :frowning_face:
Anyone have any ideas…

Nextcloud 18,
php 7.3
ldap account user connect to Active directories

We get the same error message with nextcloud 16 + nginx + php 7.2

I have the same problem after update of the iOS Nextcloud client :
P* HP Version : 7.2.24

  • mysql Version : 5.7.29
  • Ubuntu : 18.04
  • Apache

Please see Authentication issues (failed logon attempts from iOS app trigger bruteforce protection), i linked two github issues with exactly this problem. It´s so frustrating!!!

Thank you for your tip.

It’s possible or no possible… I dont Know…

Because the BruteForce it’s is completely uninstalled and I put this line in my conf.php.

‘’ => false,

I even did a cleanup with DELETE FROM oc_bruteforce_attempts;

I no longer know !!!


I always tell the world to put their data in Nextcloud.
so imagine you, when there are errors with the application. the world is turning to onedrive, googledrive…
yes, It´s so frustrating!!!

nextcloud 17.0.3 on ubuntu 18.04

Don‘t know if it is related to the bugfix but for me with the nextcloud 2.25.7 Version the app closes automatic right after start without an error.
nextcloud 16.0.8
on raspbian buster
with IOS 13.3.1

same with Code’s 415 and 401, server version 17.0.3

we have the same problem!!!
Is this a good place to write problems, or is the github site a good place?

From my experience (reporting and complaining for more than two months): use both or all possible channels to raise awareness and attention on this.

But v2.25.8 sounds promising…

No, do not address issues in multi channels. This is a user forum, devs are here rarely. If you have user questions ask here, if you have specific issues then take some time to file a good issue at GitHub including all necessary information.

Thank you for understanding.