Assistance with how to disable password reset link so it doesn't appear on our login page


Hello forum,

I’ve been searching for how I can remove the ability to reset the password from the login page of our Nextcloud. Our office has no need to allow an employee to reset the password if they have issues as our onsite tech support has the responsibility to assist in that event.

I’ve found on github a ‘Disable reset password link’. If I understand this request and solution they are allowing us through this code fix to remove that password link.

Problem is though…how do we remove it? I can’t find details in the issue or pull request that explains how I remove the link.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how I can remove this password reset link/text from my Nextcloud login page.

Thank you.

Please use the search next time. :wink:

HowTo: Remove the possibility to reset password for users

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Thank you for this reply @anon99252149. I was searching which is how I found the issue on Github. :slight_smile:

I did read the post you’ve linked to but that is a change to a config.php file on Nextcloud? I had through that the code change would have made the removal of the password reset link through the GUI somehow.

Will updating the config.php file survive updates or Nextcloud releases in the future or will this be something I’ll need to remember to add to my config.php file go forward as Nextcloud updates to newer versions.

Thank you.

Config.php will be erase on the next update.
I suggest that you create a step by step document for when you update !
In my case I’ve altered the config.php but also the personal .php to remove everything except the language section !

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Thank you for this advice! Much appreciated.

This is nonsense.

I’m pretty sure I’ve always had the need to rewrite changes like heartbeat or skeleton directory to the config.php. I may be wrong and if so I apologize !

maintenance,, updater.secret, version may be changed by GUI but ‘lost_password_link’ was never changed on my instances.

This change you have to make manually after every update of the server.

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