Are you using Thunderbird's Filelink feature? Should there be Nextcloud support?

Thunderbird supports uploading large external attachments to a cloud and adding a link to it.
There is a oC Filelink addon:

Should there be one for Nextcloud?



Most common web-mailers still are quite restrictive when it comes to attachment sizes for both: sending and receiving. And from my experience quite a lot people use them regularly, also from their Desktops via an mail program aka Thunderbird :wink:

used it with owncloud, didn’t get it to work with nextcloud.

Log shows:
Exception: The requested uri(/owncloud/ocs/v1.php/person/check)
cannot be processed by the script ‘/owncloud//ocs/v1.php’) at

I would use this. It’s basically, what I’m doing manually at the moment.

There is the repo of the developers. Perhaps ask him directly to release a version for owncloud (or just add both solutions in one app):

I just tried the plugin with my current OC 8.2.7 and a test setup with NC 9.0.53, both work without problems. Perhaps there are some configuration problems on your setup?

Yes, I think there should be a relase for NextCloud. I’m using this plugin and it does a great job.

I’ve pinged the author. Let’s see where that leads us.

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+1 I’m also interested to get this plugin working with NextCloud.

I didn’t know that such a plugin existed. thats really great :slight_smile:

Hmmm. I just tryed it and it works without problems with Nextcloud 10.0.1.

First I’m seeing of this topic! Plugins for both common email programs (outlook, thunderbird) are definitely welcome.
Maybe a gmail lab too :smiley:

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We need a maintainer for the NC version. I don’t think it would be much work to adapt what was previously done to make it work on NC, but it still has to be done.

Regarding Outlook, we should be able to provide something as well soon.

Again. The add-on “ownCloud for Filelink 1.3” works with my instance of Nextcloud 10.0.2.

It’s now available for testing:


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