Apps.nextcloud down?


Is it me or is down? Tried accessing from several different internet providers including att, comcast, sprint.


#3 appears to be down too.

Maybe certain back bone providers are down¿?


Hmm, maybe. But I don’t think so. Probably just a “hacker” trying to take down * Was an issue like a week ago as well.

cc @jospoortvliet @MorrisJobke and others


DDOS attack maybe?


Probably just a “hacker” trying to take down * Was an issue like a week ago as well.

DDOS attack maybe?

Probably, yeah.


Any news on that? Apparently it still doesn’t work.

#8 still down for me, too. Tried from 3 continents…


Hello everybody,

thanks for your patience. We are currently investigating some service outages with parts of our infrastructure and hope that all of our services will be back online soon. I’ll keep you updated over here.


NextcloudPi manage/install applications

From my side I can acknowledge this previously described behaviour (apps down, doc down). After Upgrade to NC 15 I’m not able to activate my contact app and calendar app.


Sorry to hear that :frowning: You can find the latest releases of calendar and contacts on GitHub: /


Exactly, though “hacker” here means “hacker news”, as in, due to the 15 release we’re getting so much attention our website can’t handle it. load average: 3.65, 7.78, 7.54 -> it is getting more quiet. Sorry for the mess! I had made much of our website static before the release but I didn’t see this coming…


Thanks a lot!!! That was what I needed. Now my NC works fine.


Is it down again in europe?


Appears so.


Yes, I was installing onlyoffice and it cut me …


looks like for me too.

#18 down here in Mexico as well - not the main page (which is very slow) but any internal pages. Just time out.