*.Nextcloud.com - connectivity issues

A little tooo pathetic, I think we have a small issue this weekend, for a small amount of early adopters. Every productive serveradmin should wait until 20.1 as in the past with all major release.

Just my five cents :wink:

I agree, that a sticky or announcement would have been appropriate, though.

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This is not overdone!
Did you read the many issues and help entries in Github and here?
It concerns also admins like me.
And I should only update to 19.04.
After my update aborted, I restored my previously created snapshot.
I can handle that.
But i see that a lot other people cant.

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Same here. I even cannot use the “Apps” menu entry. It’s just running the circle infinitely without any message or information. A timeout doesn’t occur either.

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Same here :sob:

@JimmyKater Danke fürs anheften!!

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Hi all, i’m newbie here, does anyone know, when apps.nextcloud.com will work? I’ve just installed nextcloud server, but i cannot install apps, because i have gateway timeout error. In journal it is: Could not connect to appstore: cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 60001 milliseconds (see https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html)

It’s 22:53
I see that it is working now

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Not really … Seems to be a continuous On and Off :thinking:


It’s done for me too since friday.

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It is not down, it is simply slow as hell… App Site not available

I think the developers are aware of the situation now and they are working on it. Give them some time to bring up the server, perhaps with more hardware resources and/or a mirror. They probably think about some fall-back solutions since this is a very bad experience for everybody installing or updating Nextcloud.


It works for me

@Ravinou @gas85 It works for me

I am sorry Guys, but it is still an imposition. And yes, it is not up to me. I start the download from a server at Hetzner, where your download servers are located.

$ wget https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-19.0.3.zip
--2020-10-14 09:51:16--  https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-19.0.3.zip
Resolving download.nextcloud.com (download.nextcloud.com)... 2a01:4f9:2a:3119::181,
Connecting to download.nextcloud.com (download.nextcloud.com)|2a01:4f9:2a:3119::181|:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 121315571 (116M) [application/zip]
Saving to: ‘nextcloud-19.0.3.zip.2’

nextcloud-19.0.3.zip.2         0%[                                            ] 360.00K  61.8KB/s    eta 30m 15s

And yes, I know that you are already working on a CDN. But the problem is still there from the user’s point of view, no matter if you are working on it or not. And that for a very long time.

Is there really no short-term solution? Varnish Cache or Scale Horizontally (put more server in the dns) or use a temporary cdn or so on… I mean, come on. You really have HugoOps :heart: from me, but since it takes so long I can’t take it seriously. The problem does not exist since a few days, the problem exists since months.

I’m having problems upgrading multiple Nextcloud instances, from multiple locations. On the upgrade process it takes a lot of time to get past the download step and on one of the upgrade process it even failed at the download step. Trying to download a zip of NC 19.0.4 on my PC it either fails completely or the download is going under 100 KB/s.

I think this thread is about the same problem, but my german is not that good :smiley:

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Nextcloud has had some issues with their server/bandwidth capacity for some time now. You can expect slow downloads around new releases until they are able to resolve this issue. I have seen a post at some point from a NC employee who said they are working on this.

Edit: my reply got merged into this topic. I’m happy to volunteer some time to help solve the issue as a Sysadmin. I have experience with large scale setups, caching, loadbalancing etc.


The issue is already resolved for the next Desktop client release (causing the bandwidth issue, https://github.com/nextcloud/desktop/pull/2512) and the next Nextcloud release (inaccessible app management when appstore is unresponsive, https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/23374 )


You marked it as resolved. So I will close it.