App with API to save your fitnessdata

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At the moment I’m writing my masterthesis and don’t have much time. But after that I have the urge to develop a well designed fitnessapp. My Problem is that there is no Service where a user can store his fitnessdata under his control. That’s why I think nextcloud could be that place.

What do you guys think about that? Probably we won’t implement such a feature in nextcloud itself but create a new plugin. Maybe there is already something like that, if that’s the case sorry for wasting your time.


Great idea, but are there many apps which allow you to save your data in a different cloud than theirs?

The application I create will have that feature.

What I mean is that you can’t force the mobile app I’m using to save my data to my instance of NC.

That’s true but you can create the possibility for app developers to implement a feature that allows end users to declare a nextcloud installation. Right now app developers have no other choice to use google fitness or apple stuff or implement their own server api which is more insecure than using the first two solutions.

Best thing to do would be to implement some open standard along with your emulation of Google’s fitness API.

I have no experience in licencing but maybe the googles fittness API is open? Then we can use it for nextcloud too. So we can use the same API for nextcloud and Google Fitness.

Very short reply, while on mobile: API, at least in the EU, would not be copyrightable.

Added relevant links afterwards:

Groklaw has a good summary of the relevant SAS vs WPL court case.

A relevant article is also the following from my dear friend, Walter van Holst, with the title “Copyleft, -right and the case law on APIs on both sides of the Atlantic”

I think the last court proceeding between google and oracle says, in the US it is not copyrightable too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sean Hogle wrote a very good summary of that case. I wouldn’t call it finished just yet, but I’d be surprised if in the US in the end they wouldn’t come to an outcome at least in practice similar to the one in EU.

…anyway, as fun as discussing legal stuff is, we’re getting off-topic here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, at least Google would have a hard time from a PR point of view going after you for copyright infringement of their API, lol.

unfortunately only in german, but this column is another reason for providing such a feature!

Link to the translation of the article above by Google Translate.

The short version is that there is a push to greater use of constant monitoring of biometric data, with Apple and Google both set to introduce sensors into devices, and that there are privacy / security ramifications of that data being shared with companies.

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I think this would be scope creep for what Nextcloud is supposed to be. We can’t make a program that does everything under the sun; however, we can design an extensible architecture that allows it (IE plugins).

That being said, I could see a plugin integrating with Google/Apple/whatever that uses Nextcloud as a backend.

I’m inclined to agree. Having an app provide these features seems useful for the people who would use it. Having these features integrated into core seems like scope creep, when the percentage of users of the functionality is likely pretty small. That’s not to say it isn’t valuable… just benefiting a small fraction of users.

That is what I had in my mind. Not to integrate that api in nextcloud but providing an app which is storing the data in nextclouds database.

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I’ve started to write a nextcloud app that saves and visualizes the data of my fitness tracker. It’s mainly for my own purposes and far from a first version but we could use a shared, general data structure to be compatible. Did you found an other backend solution yet?

Link, link link! :smiley:

Not sure what you’re expecting… I just started learning how to write an app for nextcloud and can display a chart with hardcoded data by now :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll inform you once I can read data from the database and import some data.

To have a public repository allows other people to see the source and help you. At the moment there is a hackathon, even if you can’t make it in person, it’s perhaps a good moment to get in contact in case of problems/questions (via IRC):