App store is down

I was trying to add the calendar app to my nextcloud instance, and I didn’t see any apps available to install. I didn’t see any open tickets, so I wanted to make the Nextcloud team aware that is down:

Appstore down? Unable to access - :bento: Features & apps - Nextcloud community

Yes. It is down since long time now.

is there another way to get the apps?



GitHub nextcloud

  1. search for the app you like to install
  2. go to releases
  3. download the latest release (not the source code archive)
  4. extract it to your apps folder (e.g. nextcloud/apps/)
  5. enable the app in your Nextcloud

Thanks @sualko

Lol the old school way
Hopefully is back up though! A lot less work

If I install nextcloud via docker, where is the location of the app

If you’re using the linuxserver/nextcloud image: /config/www/nextcloud/apps/

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On activating, there is an error: Could not download app calendar
The files were extracted to var/www/html/next/apps/calendar-master and I can find it under apps - deactivated
I think there is something lost

same with contacts

Seems you downloaded the branch. That cannot work. Go to the releases page of the repository.
i.e. for calendar: Releases · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub

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working well now!