APP Groupfolders - impossible to ceate and change permissions for groupfolders

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Nextcloud 27.1.5
Groupfolders 15.3.4
Win 10 Prof
Firefox 122.0

I use nextcloud with an internet provider (hetzner) and have used the “Groupfolders” app to assign permissions to groups right from the start.

Now I would like to assign further permissions for some existing folders to newly created groups.

This does not work because the new groups are not displayed in the selection or can be called up for new authorisations.
Apparently I can’t create new group folders or change the permissions on existing group folders either.

I would like to upload screenshots here, but that doesn’t seem to be possible.

Thanks a lot for your help

Steps to replicate it via browser:

1 - Login with admin-Account
2 - create a new User → “NewUser”
3 - create a new User Group (–> “NewUserGroup”) with new (“NewUser”) and old User-Accounts (“Old-User”)
4 - Switch to “files” via the tabs in the top line
5 - Select “groupfolders” in the navigation (left side)
in the middle I can see the both existing groupfolders
6 - It is not possibil to create new groupfolders or to change the permission of existing groupfolders
7 - I think this is the (first) problem

8 - When I select an existing groupfolder to share it via the APP-functions of the APP “Groupfolders”, I can only select old and new User-Accounts, which are permitted to the first Groupfolder.
9 - I cannot permitt new Groups, becaus they ate not permitted to the first above groupfolder .

I was able to solve it myself.
For the admin account under “personal settings”, the navigation bar “pesonal” appears on the left of the screen and “adminisstration” below it. The relevant entry “groupfolders” can be found under “administration”. Here you can create new group folders and change authorisations. I had previously used the “groupfolders” item under “files” in the navigation, which only leads to the display of the group folders.
I found a good help here: Gruppenordner als Unterodner in einem Gruppenordner