Any recommended procedure for upgrading Debian stable releases?

I’m about to upgrade from Debian 11 bullseye to 12 bookworm to take advantage of the newer version of php. However before undertaking this, I looked for a guide and came up empty handed. Does anyone have any experience with how to make the process go smoothly?

I found this thread (from Debian 10 to 11) which gave me a few things to expect, however they seem pretty advanced already. Any Experiences upgrading Debian from Buster to Bullseye?

EDIT: To clarify the question, it is not about how to upgrade Debian – there are many guides about that. It is how to ensure that the Nextcloud installation is prepped and can survive the debian upgrade.

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Debian is one the most well documented processes you could look up. You could start with the official documentation or by consulting an internet search.

Either versions of Debian still rely on the same PHP repository maintainer, which is Debian developer Sury. You’ll have no trouble installing any version on PHP on both Bullseye and Bookworm. It is also very well documented. Thankfully these instructions have remained consistent for many years, so should be painless to add or upgrade the repository to Bookworm. Always keep solid backups and best of luck. Debian support is vast and solid, but documentation is beyond excellent.

Going to close this since it is not Nextcloud related. Hope it works out well for you.