Any recommendations for an App for Projects/Jobs?

Does anybody know if there is an App for NextCloud that manages Projects/Jobs?

For users when they login they will be handling their own Projects/Jobs files, not everybody’s.


Have you seen the deck app?!

Ahah @JFHA, ys there is something very original brought in NC Nextcloud 16 allows you to link resources to keep track of your projects.
I am very interested in the way it is built. Yet the access is still very bulky and difficult to activated initially. After you did it several time, that should be ok.
To make a ‘project’ you must use the share between two object (file, folder, conversation, etc.).

You can rename it after.
Also as @j-ed mentioned the deck app, the project app can link file to a deck. So give it a chance. The approach of Project within NC is very original and I think that it can be indeed the proper way to work on a professional project for a team.