Any plans on replacing PHP as well?

Has Nextcloud also plans to remove PHP completley as a lot of update errors occur due to PHP issues.

See Move into the future: Replace PHP with Golang. · Issue #16726 · nextcloud/server · GitHub


Mind sharing specifics?

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They occur quite often, but the last big one was the update from 20 to 21.

Okay but isn’t that merely a question of how the software is packaged? If you don’t have full control over the environment in which the application is run, you’ll possibly have issues with any programming language. Other langs have shared libs they depend on, which you also can’t randomply swap or update.

So I think having better out of the box experience with sandboxed Nextcloud (containers for example) can help with this, where the people who run Nextcloud get something that has all the batteries included.

Thanks for linking the ticket.

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