Android Photos not deleted after upload

After the auto-upload runs the photo files remain on my phone. The whole reason I want Next Cloud is to declutter my phone and keep my photos safe. What’s the point if I have to go and manually do that anyway? “Original File will be… kept in original folder” in the configuration menu is grayed-out so I can’t change it. Any ideas, anyone?

Did you turn Auto Upload on for that specific folder?

You can’t change the settings for a folder where auto-upload is disabled, you have to turn it on first, otherwise the settings are grayed-out.

Auto uploadd is on - that’s my point.
It’s on - but the option to remove the files after upload is grayed out.

Ah ok, just wanted to make sure. I can’t reproduce the issue on my phone (Pixel 7, GrapheneOS). I have three options to choose from (on folders where Auto Upload is enabled) and none of them are grayed out.

Try deleting the app data, and then reinstalling the app. If that doesn’t help, you can open a bug report here: GitHub - nextcloud/android: 📱 Nextcloud Android app

If you do open an issue, please specify which phone / ROM, and which Android version you are using. You should also provide some details about your server (at least NC version and installation method)