Android client not syncing (download fails)

I was having a problem with the Android client not updating files. It would say that it was fetching the latest version of the file, then an Android notification said that the download had failed and the app showed an older version of the file. I’ve recently updated from OwnCloud 8.2 all the way to Nextcloud 13, with a server migration at Nextcloud 12. I can’t say whether the trouble started at any particular transition in there, or if it started after an update to the Android app. Today, it was still happening on NC 13 and client I tried removing and re-adding the account within the client, but it still showed me the same old version of the same file.

After searching here and seeing this topic: App doesn't stay logged in since Nextcloud 3; I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, and logging back in. It worked.

Since the existing topic doesn’t match my exact problem, I figured I’d create a new one that might be easier for someone with my symptoms to find :).

Can you try changing the storage location in settings?

Just to be clear, it is working after the reinstall.

But for the sake of seeing if I could reproduce it for you, I switched the storage location to the external SD, and it’s still fine. Set the file as available offline, view it, get out, change it via Web interface, view it on the phone again, it successfully downloads the change.

I think I had the same problem, I changed the storage location, and then tried to download a folder from a remote partition. I couldn’t download anything until I downloaded a small image in the main folder after which downloading stuff deeper down in the tree started working. Go figure.

Typical message in the debug log: “skipped - file is outside of specified music folder”