App doesn't stay logged in since Nextcloud 3


I updated to 3.0 yesterday, when I now open the app and unlock it (fingerprint).
I see my folders for a second and then a message pops up that mx “devicename” wants to access my NC account.

I click the “grant access” button and have to log in again. After login I see my folders for a second again and then the same message pops up again.

If I choose to use the old login form I have to enter URL and credentials and there it is the same, the login appears again and again.

I had the same problem when I was on server 12.0.3. The problem is gone after I upgrade to 12.0.5 today.

Same problem here. Thank you for sharing a possible solution which I will forward to the owner of our Cloud storage server.

I have the same problem, every 3.0.0. client got disconnected and can’t connect since the update, we all get the login loop in case that the client can connect, which doesn’t happen very often since the update.

Hey folks, sorry for the issue. Fix is known and will be released tomorrow. Either that, or upgrade to Nc 12.0.5 or up.

I still have the same issue with Nc 13

cc @tobiasKaminsky

Can you mail a test account to

Just sent you the email :slight_smile: Have fun

Hi @Amr0d,
thank you for your credentials.
I tested it and it is working with a fresh device.
I/we suspect that it has something to do with the upgrade, but we never could reliable reproduce it.
Do you see anything in logcat while the login pages re-appeares?

Which message do you have at the logs?
An other User at the German Telegram Group has the same problem and the logfiles says Error 401 (Permissions denied).

After you wrote “fresh device” the idea of deinstalling Nc came to my mind and this finally fixed the problem for me. I just deinstalled the app and re-installed it from the Play Store. Works fine now.

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Same here, did a reinstall. Works fine now.