Android app not detecting/uploading images

Hi all.

I’m running NC 14 with the Android mobile app. I have the Auto upload feature enabled. However, it seems to be highly buggy. It often will not start uploading an image for days, even when I’m on a very reliable WiFi. I have not noticed any discernible pattern to when it will or will not upload an image, but it makes me very nervous that it’s missing files entirely at times.

It seems to be a matter of the app not noticing the file exists, as it doesn’t even show up in the Upload tab as “waiting for WiFi” or anything like that; it’s just not there at all.

What’s odd is that, just now, while poking through the app to verify I was naming pages correctly I opened the Auto upload configuration page. And suddenly it started uploading the last half dozen pictures I took. However, it seems to still be ignoring the 10 I took just before that. They’re missing entirely from the upload stream, but do show in the “Auto upload” tab.

I am very confused at this point, but also very not confident in the auto upload feature. :frowning: Any suggestions? I’m happy to help debug if someone can guide me through what to report beyond what I have above.

hey crell…
are you running a samsung mobile, eventually?

Nope, Google Pixel XL (the first one).

I actually have this same bug with my Pixel XL. I think it may be an Android Pie/Nextcloud compatibility thing. I don’t believe it has to do with NC14. I believe it’s the nc android client.

This seems like it might be related to a similar issue I’m having. Using a Google Pixel 1

OK. Due to that information, I really do believe this is an issue restricted to Android 9. All of us have Pixels, though I think really it’s an issue with the Android 9 API. Pixels just happen to be one of the only phones with 9 on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s just lovely. Is there a better place to report it than right here?

Yeah, the proper place is here:

@Andy @mario
is android client already android 9-prooved and safe?

The short answer is no, with the latest work on 3.4.x we moved to compile against Android 9 while that just means that the implementation will work according to Android 9 behavior and not use fallback/pre-Android-9 behavior (hard to explain). This doesn’t mean everything will be working fine on Android 9. With Google/Android further pushing the battery saving mechanism, I suspect more clients to break when it comes to auto upload and available offline files.
Most devs run Android 8.1 devices so this is probably the most tested Android version dev-wise…

Hm, so the working theory is that it’s the power-saving functionality that is killing the background upload? That does seem like a reasonable suspect.

I’m a PHP dev, not an Android dev, so I don’t know if there’s any way I could help there. If there is, though, please let us know. The auto-upload is, frankly, the only thing I really use the app for right now so I would love to see it working more reliably. :slight_smile:

If you need help, or have ideas that need to be tested on 9 let me know. I can compile and test easily.

I have this problem intermittently on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Android 6.0.1.
Many months ago when using NC version 13, auto-upload stopped working altogether. I couldn’t get it to work so I upgraded to version 14. That also didn’t work, so I downloaded the ‘beta’ version app and auto-upload started working again. It is more reliable now, but not perfect. I still occasionally have the issue where new photos are not auto-uploaded. I’ve never been able to see a pattern that identifies when it works and when it doesn’t.

there is/was an issue with samsungs OS (because THEY did something uncommon, implementing a no-standard routine.)
and that’s why I asked if there was a samsung-mobile involved.
there are other threads on the forum talking about the samsung-issue.

Thanks, I hadn’t heard about that. I’ll search for it.

That’s the problem stated in this thread, though the problem I mention is a bit more complicated than that, and has to do with the an inability to properly manage my autoupload folder connections. I am unable to delete old connections, even ones which were created for a folder that no longer exists on the phone, or the server.

It is sad, but I and my family stopped using nextcloud app because of unreliability in context of automatic upload. we move to rsync throw sftp…

My Samsung Galaxy S8 is working fine with NC13 and latest clients. Am I just lucky?


I have exactly the same problem, for months now. Posted it in the forum earlier.

I have a LG G4, still running Android 6 (last update about 2 years ago) - so this is definitely not a problem of a brand new android version.

I use Google Photos with auto upload and Nextcloud with auto upload - Google Photos uploads all according to the settings/whenever there is a wifi network, Nextcloud does upload all files I think, but with a quite random delay (maybe some hours later, maybe 2 days later).

That makes it hard to trust in a reliable Nextcloud upload.

greets Thomas

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In case anyone cares: The problem still exists.

I trust the auto-upload now somewhat (that all pics and videos are really uploaded), but the delay blocks some workflows.

e.g. you take a picture of a problem with the phone, and then write a problem report on the pc. You need the picture within a few minutes (to send the report), not half an hour later.