Android App 2.0.0 RC5 released

Hi everybody,

We released the fifth release candidate of the upcoming stable:

  • Account-wide search (Nc 12+)
  • Auto upload available on Android 4+
  • Separation between Image & Video for Auto upload
  • Ability to define custom folders for Auto upload
  • Simple contacts backup & restore
  • Server-side Theming support
  • Shared files view
  • Notifications view and Push notifications (on Google Play-powered devices)
  • Favorites, Photos and Activities
  • Fingerprint locking
  • SVG preview
  • Set edit permissions in federated shares of folders (Nc 10+)
  • New sorting dialog
  • User information view
  • Custom external links support
  • Detect server maintainance mode
  • Nicer error views for images & video preview
  • Included privacy policy
  • Preserve modification time of uploaded files
  • Various bug fixes & improvements

Happy testing, we hope you enjoy the latest bugfixes, features and Auto Upload improvements.



Uh oh. I’m running the dev version fine; that should be the exact same build without all the lint changes you made last-minute

The dev and Play Store Version won’t show anything in Activity and Notifications. Is this not fully working?

I don’t see anything also.
In expert mode i do not see any logs.

Notifications requires an app password used to log the client in, not your normal user password. Activities works fine for me (Dev, play beta is still crashing @Andy @tobiasKaminsky)

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@JasonBayton can you give us a logcat log to figure out why it is crashing for you?
@Luis_Freire where do you not see anything? And what would you expect to see? The expert mode is only for upload pane to get a “force rescan”.

On the Notifications and Logs.

Maybe is a misunderstanding but on Notification i think we should see when a file should be uploaded, and on logs a list of daily logs or a log per event.

PS: the Autoupload only send the new files. Is not possible to synchronise the old ones?

Thanks for the good work

And also activates logging…

The old ones will be a future feature. Currently we only support new ones.

Notifications are very rare and mirror what you see in the notifications app on the server. Uploads are something that might show up under Activities. Logs is more or less per event while the log is a technical dev thing where the app logs certain information for the developers to be able to gain information analyzing a bug or crash.

Yes sure. Incoming via PM in 15.

hey folks,

i successfully installed 2.0.0 rc to my android. and well… somehow it works. so far.

but: how can i delete or at least modify my existing account (want to have an app-PIN rather than my gui-pw)
and: talking of deleting something… the app seems to be not able to delete pix from the server after these pics got deleted from the mobile. correct?

anyways: keep the good work up!

I’m having the same problem as in @JasonBayton’s screenshot above.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times, and can’t currently reproduce it reliably… however, I have noticed that in the accounts section, my username on my server has been replaced with a GUID instead of my actual username…

When I go to Auto Upload settings, to choose a remote folder, I am unable to do so. I think this is where it was crashing previously… Currently it redirects me to a login screen, with my server hostname and username pre-populated (and read-only, annoyingly for this use case!). However, the username that gets pre-populated is the GUID and not my actual username - and I can’t log into the server using these credentials, so the whole thing just fails.

In the meantime I can get an older version of the Nextcloud client from F-Droid… but 2.0.0-rc2 does seem to be very broken for me.

@tobiasKaminsky mentioned a new build should be out today. We’ll see if that fixes the issues :slight_smile:

@tobiasKaminsky can you answer this question, this seems to not work anymore if you run a server with 12.x, else you should be able to do this via Manage accounts (via the main menu)

This should work and you should be asked if you want to delete locally/remote. If not then this would be a bug cc @tobiasKaminsky @mario

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Like mentioned by @JasonBayton there should be a new build in a couple of hours 2.0.0-rc3 that fixes this issue which is due to database updates.

Thanks Andy - that’s great!

Presumably it will take some (indeterminate) time to filter through via Google Play Store, but I’ll hang on for that - then I should be able to help confirm & test, at least.

When you say database updates, you mean internal to the app, right? I wondered if there had been some change in on-device data store format, but even clearing all data (and uninstalling and reinstalling the app) didn’t help, If it’s something in the app itself, then at least I understand that.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Internal DB updates, yes.
Reinstall doesn’t help since there has been a bug so the only thing that would have worked would be 1.4.3->2.0.0-rc which should be fixed with 2.0.0RC3

I may have missed the RC3 drop as I’ve been travelling. Can we get an update please? Cc @tobiasKaminsky

I am currently merging all outstanding fixes and then I will build RC3.
As Mario is currently on his well deserved vacations, I am all alone and working as fast as I can. But too much hurry will lead to mistakes…


The build has been broken for a week :sweat_smile:
I’ll wait…