Android (3.27.0) can't edit Word/Excel (Office) documents

Hello. I am able to successfully edit using built-in CODE server via web browser, but unable to do same for Office documents (Word/Excel) in Android app.

I can edit txt and md documents in Android app.

Version info
Hub: 27.1.4 (on Ubuntu 22.04.3, snap install)
Android: 3.27.0
CODE server: 23.5.702

In following the advice from this thread: Cannot open Office files via the android app after Nextcloud 27.1 upgrade - #2 by Mornsgrans

I used the following command:

sudo nextcloud.occ config:app:set richdocuments mobile_editing --value="no"

Note that I’ve tried both yes and no values.

I see inconsistent results. Sometimes I get the never-ending load spinner, sometimes I will get a dialog message box saying “Can’t open this document. This file isn’t available offline. Make file “Available offline” in the file’s options menu.”

There is no “available offline” in either web or mobile version. I’ve noticed that after this error, I will see a green check at the bottom right of the file’s icon.

There are no errors that I can see that are relevant in the Logging tab from the Administrator.

What should I do/check next?

In my installation the problem exists as well - office documents never open for editing (endless “loading” spinner). The Nextcloud/CODE system works well - same documents opens for editing from browser web UI on the same mobile device. I don’t see any request to edit the doc in the server log - likely the mobile app doesn’t send the request to the server… the problem must be located in the mobile app.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to troubleshoot the mobile app - I think best is to file a bug report at Github GitHub - nextcloud/android: 📱 Nextcloud Android app

It’s a known issue (regression in v3.27.0). Fixed last week. Patch was back ported and merged into v3.27.1 code today. Should be available fairly soon.

EDIT: For reference: Collabora not loading in app v3.27.0 · Issue #12338 · nextcloud/android · GitHub & [stable-3.27] Fix collabora files not loading by backportbot-nextcloud[bot] · Pull Request #12350 · nextcloud/android · GitHub


Awesome to here, thank you for pointing that out!

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Any news on the fix? Still not working here on the Android app.

Thank you.

There will be no 3.27.1 to quickly fix the regression. You will have to wait for 3.28.

Is there an estimated date when 3.28 might be released?

The release page shows an RC2 released two weeks ago. No idea what takes that long after an RC2.

Developer of the app should release hotfix for this reggresion and work on major release after…we are now left with unusable app beacuse of non working collabora its useless when u use it for work.