Am i stuck on 22.2.4


we updated our instance from 22.2.3 to 22.2.4 a few days ago.
And i think there should be a update to 23.0.0 on stable channel as its the current version to download for a new instance.

Now simple, do i stuck on 22.2.4 as it is a reverted version and do i need to update with the beta channel or is there a option to update to a stable version?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am on a similar situation, although 22.2.3 was updated to 23.0.0 as stable?

Wondering if I should downgrade or just wait for new update to 23.0.1? Everything seems to be working ok so far and integrity checks are ok as well.

Downgrading Nextcloud is not supported. Unless you have something like a full backup of a VM, I would wait and upgrade to 23.0.1 when it will be (re-)released.

Same goes for you. @Givou :slight_smile: just wait until they release 23.0.1 again, to be safe.

So when 23.0.1 is rereleased nextcloud will show it? OK thanks fine :slight_smile: Thank you

I can not find any serious issue with 22.2.4 - the only bug i found on github was, that there is a false signature key in the updaters config.php â€Ļ

See also: Any security concerns due to changes in release status of 23.0.1 and 22.2.4?

Yes but not allways right away. And yes, in principle you can go through the beta channel, if a release version is offered there. But according to this there were issues with the upgrade procedure, which is why they have withdrawn the upgrade. At the moment RC1 is offerd through the beta channel afaik.

Yes, beta channel offers the rc1 version.
I would wait the few days for the v23.0.1 before i break something on my production nextcloud with a beta version.

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