Any security concerns due to changes in release status of 23.0.1 and 22.2.4?

See here: Revert "[production] 21.08, 22.2.4 and 23.0.1 final " by skjnldsv · Pull Request #707 · nextcloud/updater_server · GitHub

Why were the 22.2.4 and 23.0.1 reverted from releases or why were they announced as released in the first place? Should we be worried about any security related issues? Malicious code in commits or such?

no, it’s update issues: [stable22] Cast orphan subscription id to int by backportbot-nextcloud[bot] · Pull Request #30930 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Glad to hear this, thanks.

My system was updated to 23.0.0, should I stay on this or downgrade? I am (thought so) on stable release.

There is no official way to downgrade. The bug appeared around updates that triggered an error (and it’s no security-related problem). So it just delays the new release a bit and then you can upgrade to 23.0.1 (or perhaps it will then be called 23.0.2).