All iPad Nextcloud Apps can't connect

hey folks!

struggeling with following error when trying to connect via ipad nextcloud app:

“it is not possible to connect to the server at this time. Check server error”.

problem occures just with ipad app. when using browser on ipad it works. tried different users on different ipads.

Nextcloud Log looks like this:

i deleted the brutforce sql table.
i tried php v 5.6 and 7.1

any ideas?

thanks for you help

So on iphone it works? Or desktop? Or android?

I use Android Phone, there the Nextcloud-App Connection works. Also with Desktop-Clients on Mac HighSierra and PC Windows 10 Connection is successful.

read that some users with same problem solved problem with updating to newes iOS app. didn’t help form me (2.19.1). still got error and log entries above.

Still looking for a solution. After some more extensive reading i think it could be related to the SSL connection. Read somewhere, that iOS App can’t handle all type of certificates. I Use “Hostpoint” as hoster and am using their “Symantec Secure Site Starter-SSL” Service. Any Ideas? Thanks.

I am using FreeSSL - a service from my hoster “Hostpoint” and forcing all connections to go via HTTPS. Deactivating this option and using http in iOS App works. Read somewhere, that iOS devices (Apple?) do not allow certain certificates. Support Guy from Hostpoint told me, that the FreeSSL certificate doesn’t contain much (just the domain and one other information). Could imagine, that Apple, again, does not allow this. Any confirmed answers to this? Thanks, Daniel

Are you able to use another SSL service like Let’s encrypt?

That’s not a very good idea to use it without encryption at all.

These certificates certainly work. But it is not only the certificate (and the certificate chain), it can also be the choice of ciphers. You can check your ssl-setup on