Problem with desktop client-->it cant find my server

Hello i have problems with my nextcloud desktop client. The cloud is fully working, i can access it on; but if i try to connect it with the desktop app, i get the error (the server could not be find or it doesnt exist), what can i do to solve the problem?

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Can you access it via browser from the same computer?

Yes i can.

Are you on Mac ? Try to enter the IP adress of your server.

(I have no problem to connect my client to your server :sweat_smile: Safari can be a problem.)

Connecting with the IP address isn’t a permanent solution because it breaks SSL authentication, but is it able to find the server then?

Hmmm i dont know, the IP address??? NextCloud is installed on a shared hosting…And why is safari the problem? I dont use safari on my mac i use chrome :smiley:
Could be the problem the AV or the firewall? Hmm I try to connect the client on my windows pc, maybe it works. I also try it on my phone and the app did not connect to the cloud.

Do you use in the browser a proxy configuration or do you contact the server directly?

Hello hmm i dont think that i use a proxy, where can i check this? And yes in the client when i need to connect to the server i enter the link:

Proxy configurations is most used in companys. You can find them in the browser network-settings. You can also see it with F12 and network analysis.

Your IP is but it doesnt work too. One of my user had the same problem and I solve the problem like that but it doesnt work for you.
I dont understand the problem because it works on Linux. This can only be a problem of security (Mac) but client NextCloud says that it is a DNS issue. So… IDK.

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