[SOLVED] Can't connect to server using iOS app 2.18.2

I don’t own an iOS device, but my brother cannot connect from his iPad. He got errors like those users reporting:

Last, he sent me a screenshot with this error message:

From the Logo shown here I deducted that he might be using “Crypto Cloud for Nextcloud” but he answered that he is sure to use the correct “Nextcloud” app.

My server is 13b3, I have not enabled end2end-encryption (or any other encryption apart from TLS).

Any idea?

thanks for bringing this up as well!

UPDATE - ISSUE HAS RESOLVED - perhaps a caching issue?

I’m also unable to connect using the iOS app (apologies I don’t know the version, but it is latest from app Store @ 12/21/17).
My NextCloud server is 12.0.4, and is running on NextCloudPi v0.43.1
Prior to upgrading the server from NextCloudPi v0.31.5 to 0.43.1, the iOS client seemed to be working fine.

Also, to be clear, I can access the server just fine via a Web browser. Including from the iPhone that is unable to connect via the IOS app.

Thanks for any help.

My brother reported today that, after updating the iOS app, he now could access my server. Seems to be solved by iOS app version 2.19.1. Thanks, iOS app team.

issue remaining here, even when updated iOS App,

Turned out there was an additional cause: I had enabled brute force detection app. Since I have many users / devices behind my firewall, I seem to have triggered the thresholds. Deactivating this app seemes not do remove the restrictions in place already but only prohibit further event aggregating. I had to delete the entries from the corresponding table in the database. After that, all was “back to normal”.

thanks - tried that aswell without success.