AIO Borg Backup + Crashplan

Hi All,
I’m hoping someone here might be able to give me a little advice regarding BorgBackup on Nextcloud AIO?
I recently moved from my very old nextcloud install to a new box that I decided to set up with AIO to make it easier to maintain.
This is my first containerised install and I haven’t played with AIO before.
Unfortunately, I didn’t look into the packaged backup system (BorgBackup) to closely and assumed that it just backed up the configuration and database.
After a bit more reading, I’ve realised it backs up all the user files as well, dumping a packed/deduped copy of them onto the local storage.
I’m already backing up the user file areas using Crashplan so it all gets sent to their cloud storage.

So, to my question…
Can Borg be configured to backup everything except the user files? There’s quite a lot of them and I don’t want a second copy stored on the local drive.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice you can offer! All gratefully received!

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in general BorgBackup is highly customizable but the AIO version might be not… You miss the idea of AIO if you try to fiddle with the system. AIO is designed to be highly standardized system with little to no configuration. I would sort your request into the category of advanced user who is not the audience of AIO.

I would suggest to adopt your backup strategy and use built-in AIO backups or don’t use AIO and built your own customized system…

@szaimen - do I miss something?

There is actually a way to exclude certain directories but I would not recommend to do this because restoring will not work as expected.

Also having a backup at two locations is a good thing in general?

Hi wwe & szaimen,
Thanks for the advice. I was toying with the idea of setting up the user file storage as an external storage on the local machine as I believe that Borg then leaves it alone. Either that or modifying the Borg backup set so it ignored the ‘files’ folders for each user.
However, you are probably right - keep it as standard as possible. I’ll have to bite the bullet and install another hdd and mount that for borg to dump the backups to.
As szaimen suggested 2 backups are better than one!
Thanks again.

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