After this: Shared calendars shouldn't allow adding attendees if the calendar is not yours


After the implementation of this " Shared calendars shouldn’t allow adding attendees if the calendar is not yours", now i can’t have a global shared calendar to all our team and invite only some attendees.

We would like to have a shared calendar to make all the team know about an event but then only invite some people to the event.

How can we do this now?

Nuno Leite


Look through issues. I applied a filter to results to get you started.

This pull request might be of interest:


I have searched there, but it seems that there isn’t nothing related to what i need.

I will create a new topic there.


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My users were very upset that this feature was ‘fixed’ as it broke our shared calendaring process.

The workaround it seems is to create events on your personal calendar, invite attendees (and this gets the invite sent out, yay!), then change the calendar to the shared calendar so everyone can see it.

Please don’t fix this :slight_smile:


We have been doing our staff planning through the calendar so far. The fact that, with shared calendars, the “can edit” people are no longer allowed to change the participants, severely restricts us. From our perspective, this wasn’t a bug but a feature. Perhaps there should simply be a settings function for this.


Same problem here. There should be at least a option to enable / disable this.
We will use the personal calender workaround for now

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I don’t even understand why someone would want this ‘fix’ in the first place. +1 another group who finds disallowing people who can edit a calendar from editing the attendees on an event to be a bug, not a fix.

See also: Calendar app: Sending invitation mails when you are not the owner of the calendar - #4 by ChristophWurst