Addin outlook installed but nothing

hi all,
I installed the latest version of the 32b plugin on outlook 2016 32b in windows 10
at startup, outlook does not even ask me to configure the addin.
macro options are active
do you have an idea
thank you

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The same here.
Installed it to a win 7 32b with office 2010 but the plugin cant get enabled (even with macros fully opened)

Installed it in a win 7 64b with office 2016 but there is NO plugin in the plugin section to enable.

In Thunderbird it works perfect i wonder why… M$ crap

@usselite ping

Nextcloud will we have an answer at this???
I tried another 10 win7 x64 machines with different office versions (2010,2013,2016) and the result is the same.

You advertise something THATS NOT WORKING.

well it IS working for me running a win 7 pro (64) machine with OL2010 (32) :wink:

That doesnt say much.
Your is ONE machine and i have tried it at almost 10 machines (different ones). So the possibilities are that its NOT working properly.

I am an IT Admin for the last 18 years so i believe i can understand what needs debugging or not and what is working or not :wink:

well it seems that you behave a bit too special being an “IT admin for the last 18 years”…

  • being an IT admin you should know better that this forum is maintained by volounteers, spending their sparetime trying to help other ppl.
  • being an IT admin you shoould know as well that you can always ask for paid support, either for nextcloud or for said outlook plugin.
  • being an IT admin you want to be addressed correctly and friendly by your users, right?

and no, no need to answer on this. i just wanted to remind you of who you are and what to think about.

@ John_Pagourtzis You can send me a PM and I will look into it with you or we will use this topic. Can you provide in that PM which Windows versions (32/64bits) and Office versions (32/64bits) you are using. Also please use the latest build provided in Secure Outlook add-in is now available for testing in free-as-in-beer version

Also considering you have tried this on 10 machines so far my guess is that this is a company? Are there any policies in place which might block the add-in or any other for that matter?

no need to answer either.
Saying what is not working here i think its contribution. Dont you?
Of course Paying for support but only if its needed and in this case this is a non critical issue for me, at all.
I hate when people try to hide their identity or to try to show cool with theories about manners etc… The truth some times hurt but thats why its called truth.

Special ? What are you talking about and why you put labels ? for something that you think that is like you think?

I stated my “place” so the responder know that is not talking to a person that has no clue what a keyboard is.

Thank you.

sure. it’s all good.

but to be precisely: you didnt really say WHAT is not working… you claimed that it ISNT working. without much more information. which isn’t really helpful in any way.

so try to imagine - you being an ‘IT admin for 18 years’ - what you would do in your job when some client would tell you: “my computer isn’t working. it’s all your fault, though i don’t pay anything”… would you like to help. and would you be ABLE to help?

and that’s what you just did here. nothing more, nothing less.

i just wanted to bring that point to your attention. so it’s no theory, it’s proven by real life, indeed.

Its in another thread very detailed.

Thank you.

Thats how customers usually react when their systems not working BUT as you understood from my side was contribution. The capitals maybe confused you.

Thank you.

it would be helpful if you’d link this other topic to here as well… i mean if you already started crossposting… it’s up to you to keep the posts/knowledge base on the same level(s).
as nobody else would try to play sherlock holmes to find out where someone has posted something earlier that might relate to here.

I have already tried this and its still not working.

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