Add string freeze to release schedule

Hello @jan , just seen you add the “Preliminary 19 schedule” for Nextcloud 19 at

I am still interested to have a “String freeze” in that schedule.
On that date I will write an announcement at Transifex to ask translators to improve/complete their work.

Whom to talk to about that string freeze?


Hello @rullzer. Can you help me on getting a string freeze into the schedule?

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Hey @rakekniven, I didn’t add it, just did an edit on it. :slight_smile: But the person to contact about that would be @rullzer, our Server lead.

So we try to “string freeze” always on RC1, giving an average of 3 weeks until the release:

The main issue is, that:

  1. apps from other developers might have a different schedule
  2. new features which only go to master, are still being added.

I guess the main issue is 2. and that you can not see if something is required for the upcoming release or is future work. We could of course “pause” the sync with master for the time-being, but that just means that after we re-enable it there is more to be done.

even after release of R(elease)C(andidate)1? for me that always meant only bugfixing from that point on and no more adding of new features. so wowzie.

Yes, on RC we branch of a new branch stable19, there only bug fixes for the final Nextcloud 19 release happen from there on.
Master is then basically what will be Nextcloud 20 and of course there need to be new strings added for that.

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awww ok, now i see what you meant before.
thanks alot for filling me in :heart:

Not sure if this will work well in practise. But why not giving it a try?

We also can create a list of the resources sorted by importance of translation.
That will be helpful for non complete languages e.g. instead of translating a rarely used app the translators should focus on getting the server resources translated.

The string freeze should be at the same time ast he branch off (so RC1). That is anyways the time we try to merge as little as possible. And if we do only important fixes.

However, that is also the time we branch off. ANd since we bundle translations new strings (for 20) might show up.

I’ll see if I can get this to you

This should be avoided by pausing sync (recommended from @nickvergessen), or?

I will split this topic to a separate one.

Just for the record, I don’t recommend it, I think it’s the only way to enforce this and I’m not sure it’s a good one.

Ok, you are right. Sorry for the interpretation.

How are other projects doing this? Like KDE or???

Wouldn’t it be good to notify all apps as well to be ready for the next major release?

Well there are 1. apps that work across multiple major versions, so they don’t need to care and 2. developers that don’t have always time to get their app done before this date (e.g. me, because I only have time to look at my hobby apps, once server is frozen and the work load reduces a bit)

Don’t they have to adapt info.xml file to be ready for next release?

But back to translation :slight_smile:

How to proceed?
Are you aware how other projects do that?