Add NTFS drive as external storage


Documentation doesn’t say anything about using ntfs partition directory as local storage.

I have a 4TB drive initially used with Windows.
I mounted its partition on my raspi and followed the doc. Although I still get the red icon…

Is that even possible? is the ext4 partition type a requirement?

Thank you!

How did you install Nextcloud? Snap, docker or manual installation? And on which distro?

If it is Ubuntu or Debian and your Nextcloud is running as www-data user, you should be able to mount the drive like this to be able to use it as local external storage in Nextcloud:

echo "UUID=$UUID $MOUNT_PATH ntfs-3g windows_names,uid=www-data,gid=www-data,umask=007 0 0" >> /etc/fstab
mount "$MOUNT_PATH"

$UUID is the uuid of your drive
$MOUNT_PATH is the path where you want to mount the drive.

You might also need to install ntfs-3g package before mounting, depending on:


Thank you for your help Szaimen.

I installed NC with docker on raspbian.

I mounted the HDD as you mentionned, using /etc/fstab (package ntfs-3g was installed).

I also installed smbclient and restarted the container.

I don’t have the smbclient warning anymore, but still get the red icon…

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Did You add the mount path to your docker container? Otherwise the container won’t have access to this directory.

I intended to replicate the steps but saw you did it and it didn’t work. Have you figured out how to do it yet? Thanks.