Add nextcloud as network drive (Windows)

Good morning,

I appreciate Nextcloud and I’ve set-up a server onto my home Raspberry Pi2b using Syncloud and i’ve installed Nextcloud client (Windows 64 bit) in my PC

Now I’m trying to expertize with Nextcloud (i’m absolute dummy, very poor knowledge) with the target to replace the pCloud server service which i was used to.

I would request if / how it is possible to have for Nextcloud the same feature of “virtual disk” availabe for pCloud.

I would like to have a virtual network hard disk N:(Nextcloud") among the network resources shown from my PC and to operati such virtual disk with usual drag & drops, copy & paste windows gui commands and sync any local files/folder to this disk with a right-clilc menu command.

Apologize if my request sounds “confused” or not clear.

Thanks and regards

I moved your post to a new topic, since your post has nothing to do with release announcements.
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Nextcloud has both a selective synchronization client (which goes to a given folder instead of a drive), and a network-share mount point via WebDAV (which can easily look like a “virtual drive” depending on your OS and desktop environment).

You might be interested in the Accessing Nextcloud Files via WebDAV page of Nextcloud’s user manual, which describes how to connect in such a way, with varying instructions for your platform. Hope you enjoy Nextcloud, and that it meets your needs!

Edit: There is now an official Nextcloud virtual drive feature in the works. As that becomes more broadly available, the above answer will be obsolete.

Hi there, i have a follow up question.

when i try to set up the network drive via the command line, like in your first link, in windows 10, i always get “system error 1244 user not authenticated” .
I made sure thate the windows registry entry is 2 and accepts ssl and no ssl. mapping the drive in windows explorer does not work either. I am running nextcloudpi 1.25 on a new pi4b 4gb, with a usb3 drive attached. syncinc with the winows or android client works, and up/downloading via chrome works too.

Interesting detail: If i use MY-DYN-DNS-DOMAIN/remote.php/dav/files/USER instead of IP/remote.php/dav/files/USER, it works. But this will work only when only and will send all files through the internet instead of the gigabit ethernet.

EDIT: and strangely, this mounts the drive as MY-DYN-DNS-DOMAIN@SSL\DavWWWRoot\remote\dav\files

EDIT: So it seems like it is NOT sending through the internet, becuase a large 3gb file will transfer really fast. Smaller files, like pictures or mp3 are really slow.