Add description/caption/other information related with images or any files (user can key in manually)

im doing customization to add features on image such as description, who’s in the picture, related events with picture. this can be done via clicking another icon before share and more button, displaying modal windows to key in required field/information. this details info then can be searched and indexed.

i’m guessing the source and try it first ( progress so far … ) , how the front end views (js/handlebars template) , and mvc in the backend work in nextcloud source code …

11 AM

where can i start ( which folder / code / file ) in source code ?

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hi, my progress as today, i can add button to filelist context and trigger ocdialog.message on it. what i want to do next is to call current image / media on top of modal content. i create custom table to do this.


I’m no dev and can’t help you with the code, but want to share with you, that I absolutely love your idea!
So you are writing an App for Nextcloud that we can use very soon? :slight_smile:
I’m absolutely looking forwarding to using that app, will be an awesome feature!

Would support this idea to…
Here is a more extendet version of this idea Files extended metadata
Only as a reminder give it a +1
How can we support you @syahman