Add calendar feed to (shared) Calendar

I’d like to create a shared common calendar for all users, with read only. I want all events from our website (with a .ics-feed) to be added to this calendar.

Is there a way to do that?

Or at least make sure that all users get the website feed in their calendar by default. (Yes, they can add the .ics-feed themselves, but that requires a certain level of technical comptence).

Yes, that should be possible by creating a new calendar and sharing it with all users. I don’t understand what you mean with “ics feed”? How are the appointments on your website created, by a dedicated user, by importing a file or e.g. the Appointments app?

Thanks for trying to help, but this is a non-answer. An ICS-feed is how you add an external (read-only) calendar to any calendar application. It works like RSS, but for events.

It’s what you put in the “New subscription from link”-field in the Nexctloud Calendar.

So I would like to have all users get this “subscription” in their calendar.

No, that’s not possible yet.