Calendar App: Sharing of subscribed calendar possible?

I would like to share a calendar (that is subscribed via link) to other users (group) in Nextcloud.
This seems to be not possible, because there is no “share” icon next to the subscribed calendar… :unamused:


Any plans to make this feature happen in a future release?
Or workarounds?

Subscribe to the issue for updates.

You can also put money on it on Bountysource or contact Nextcloud GmbH to see if such a feature can be prioritized, as this one isn’t an easy one.

Ok. Did it.

I found a workaround for my google calendars.
I am using the “external sites” app and embed the public google calendars.
The view of the embedded google calendar is not very pleasant, but it works.
Unfortunately only with public google calendars.

Ich umschiffe solche Probleme mit der App ICal Import/Export

Damit kannst du sofar mehrere Kalender mischen (Quellen sind egal) und das Ergebnis in einen Kalender deiner NC einspielen.
Im übrigen lässt sich das sogar in der App automatisieren :wink: