Add a Windows SMB share from non systemdrive


I am using:

NextCloud 12.0.5
Debian 8.8
Apache 2.4.10
Php 7

The following problem occurs.
Generally external storages can be added. I have several SMB shares from a QNAP Enterprise NAS integrated into the Nextcloud.
Now a SMB share from a Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter should be connected.
If I create the SMB share on the C Partition on the Windows Server, all is working fine. But SMB shares on other drives than the System-Partition can’t be conneted with the Nextcloud.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Take a Windows Server 2012 or 2016
  2. Create a share on any other drive than the systempartition
  3. Go to external storages on your Nextcloud and add the SMB-Share

I already tried to establish a SMB connection through a SSH Session, and it worked.

The following post from another user describes the same problem, but there was no Solution.

Use SSH to connect to your Nextcloud, create a mount to your desired share and add the mounted share as a local drive in the Nextcloud.