Accidentally picked SQLite db, how to change to MySQL?

After having some PHP issues to get Nextcloud to work on my Linux Mint machine, I ran through the setup page a bit too quickly. I have a MySQL database set up, but I did not know you had to set the connection to that database up before you created a first account.

I can’t seem to find how to change my database from the standard SQLite to MySQL anywhere in Nextcloud or on the forums. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to run through the setup again? Or connect my MySQL database instead of the standard SQLite one?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, that is possible. You need to delete the folder data and the file config/config.php and create a file config/CAN_INSTALL in the Nextcloud folder.

It is possible to convert the database type:

You have the choice on how to proceed :slight_smile:

Thank you! Removing data and config did it!

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