A collection of inconsistencies

I’m on the verge of despair. There is an unclear picture of the behavior of ncpi. After completing all the important settings during the setup also for UFW and fail2ban, the relatively problem-free synchronization with the Nextcloud folder and a normal initial operation, I suddenly found no more contacts. After exiting and booting ncpi it seemed to run normally again. Then I could neither create folders nor delete created ones. Shared folders can no longer be opened by users, DAV synchronization ends, the contacts are gone again…
Since I’m under a lot of personal pressure, I’m considering whether I can fix the problems with your help in a relatively short period of time or whether I have to find a plan B or C from then on.
Feel free to say that from my description there can be no help.

Have you tried clearing the cache?

sudo bash -c 'source /usr/local/etc/library.sh && clear_opcache' 
sudo service php8.1-fpm restart

Thanks für your advice.
The result: It seems to be a complete reset inlc. letsencrypt.

May I restore an older backup or should I fill in datas with a new beginning?
My reaction to your answer could start nearly 19:00 MEZ tomorrow. Hope, that letsencrypt will work again for me

The command only clears the cache. It does not remove any vital files as e.g. letsencrypt.

Another reason for random errors could be a full harddisk.

Could you please post the output of ncp-report ?
Otherwise it is difficult to guess where the issue is from.

If there is a risk of a full disk (server or client) please solve that issue first.

here myreport

The report doesn’t show: ncpi is installed on NVMe, Backups are stored on sda1. Sda1 is an usb-device

Oh. I propably should explain better what I want.
Please type into your terminal or your ssh-terminal ncp-report

It will give out all the logs of the httpd service or php. Paste this here in the forum. It should be even formatted in the right way.

The file has too much characters. Where could I sent it?

Ohh okay.
Option 1. Divide it in two posts
Option 2. Use any pastebin-service you like.

Its new to me. Tell me if you can find and open please.

It might help if I add a few more thoughts.
I had already been using ncp on a Raspi for 3 years. I’ve had good experiences with that.
With a AMD64-bit system, the possible uses should be expanded. The actual hardware is i3, 1 TB NVMe and a 1TB-backup SSD.
If someone could reassure me that my problems were unrelated to that, I would have reinstalled and synced everything within 3-4 hours. I don’t have to restore the last state. Then my data on Zerobin could perhaps still have the purpose of improving the software or the use for the user.
I would then very soon have a working collaboration platform for myself and a small group of historical researchers.

It couldn’t get any worse. When the pc on 16.2. no longer recognized a USB stick and no stick was suggested for the boot sequence in the BIOS either, it was clear to me that the pc had given up the ghost. It was probably a gradual process. So the thread can be closed. Thanks to my supporters!