28.0.4 Bell (notifications) Icon shows 4 App Updates, but Apps shown All Apps Up To Date?

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Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): 28.0.4

Archlinux: 6.8.7-arch1-1
Apache: 2.4.58 (Unix)
OpenSSL: 3.2.1
PHP: 8.2.18

The issue you are facing:

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N):

Steps to replicate it:

1. See the Notification icon with red-dot showing updates
2. Click on link in dialog to go to Apps page to perform update
3. The Apps page shown "All Apps Up To Date" despite there being updates to install.

The output of your Nextcloud log in Admin > Logging:

Only 2 errors (that repeat every once in a while), but the /bcmath does not seem important, the appstore own looks suspicious:

{"reqId":"ZUtgiYNy6MwAQV1Hq1Pg","level":3,"time":"2024-04-27T02:26:34+00:00","remoteAddr":"","user":"david","app":"PHP","method":"GET","url":"/nextcloud/index.php/apps/files/preview-service-worker.js","message":"Module \"bcmath\" is already loaded at Unknown#0","userAgent":"Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:109.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/115.0","version":"","data":{"app":"PHP"}}
{"reqId":"whtG7uspdfZRW65orbFq","level":2,"time":"2024-04-27T02:27:20+00:00","remoteAddr":"","user":"david","app":"appstoreFetcher","method":"GET","url":"/nextcloud/ocs/v2.php/apps/updatenotification/api/v1/applist/","message":"Could not connect to appstore: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 60000 milliseconds with 3366912 out of 6388273 bytes received (see https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html) for https://apps.nextcloud.com/api/v1/apps.json","userAgent":"Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:109.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/115.0","version":"","data":{"app":"appstoreFetcher"}}

The output of your config.php file in /path/to/nextcloud (make sure you remove any identifiable information!):

    "system": {
        "datadirectory": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "logfile": "\/var\/log\/nextcloud\/nextcloud.log",
        "default_locale": "en_US",
        "default_phone_region": "US",
        "knowledgebaseenabled": true,
        "apps_paths": [
                "path": "\/usr\/share\/webapps\/nextcloud\/apps",
                "url": "\/apps",
                "writable": false
                "path": "\/var\/lib\/nextcloud\/apps",
                "url": "\/wapps",
                "writable": true
        "trusted_domains": [
        "overwrite.cli.url": "https:\/\/2pi.mydomain.com\/nextcloud",
        "htaccess.RewriteBase": "\/nextcloud",
        "passwordsalt": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "secret": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "dbtype": "mysql",
        "version": "",
        "dbname": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "dbhost": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "dbport": "",
        "dbtableprefix": "oc_",
        "mysql.utf8mb4": true,
        "dbuser": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "dbpassword": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "installed": true,
        "instanceid": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "mail_from_address": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "mail_smtpmode": "smtp",
        "mail_sendmailmode": "smtp",
        "mail_domain": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "mail_smtphost": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
        "mail_smtpport": "25",
        "maintenance": false,
        "maintenance_window_start": 6,
        "app_install_overwrite": [
        "theme": "",
        "loglevel": 2,
        "memcache.local": "\\OC\\Memcache\\APCu",
        "filelocking.enabled": true,
        "memcache.distributed": "\\OC\\Memcache\\Redis",
        "memcache.locking": "\\OC\\Memcache\\Redis",
        "redis": {
            "host": "***REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE***",
            "port": 0,
            "timeout": 0

Note: the /apps, /wapps is per the workaround Archlinux Wiki - Work around “ResourceLocator can not find a web root”

The output of your Apache/nginx/system log in /var/log/____:

[Tue Apr 23 13:16:33.336012 2024] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 90250] AH00163: Apache/2.4.58 (Unix) OpenSSL/3.2.1 PHP/8.2.18 configured -- resuming normal operations
[Tue Apr 23 13:16:33.336072 2024] [core:notice] [pid 90250] AH00094: Command line: '/usr/bin/httpd -D FOREGROUND'
[Fri Apr 26 21:02:57.983211 2024] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 106169] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client] AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (polling)
[Fri Apr 26 21:03:39.853203 2024] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 106161] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client] AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (polling)
[Fri Apr 26 21:27:20.478131 2024] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 90262] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client] AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (polling)

Output errors in nextcloud.log in /var/www/ or as admin user in top right menu, filtering for errors. Use a pastebin service if necessary.

same as Admin log messages posted above.

The Bell (notifications) Show Updates, but clicking on link to Apps shows All Apps Up To Date

That is the problem. The bell icon for notifications shows the red-dot and the dialog lists updates for Calendar 4.7.1, Notes 4.10.0, CSS 1.16.0 and Nextcloud 28.0.5, but clicking on the links to go to the apps page to update shown “All Apps Up To Date”.

This is really odd and annoying. Moreover, if I go do different pages in Nextcloud and then loop back to the Apps page (usually 3-4 times), on the 4th or so retry the updates are shown and I can then update apps normally.

Could this be a side-effect of the config.php regression of the missing slash for apps/, /apps/ issue?

I’ve had nextcloud since version 24 or 25 and never had an issue before with the update notification and finding the updates ready to install on the Apps page after clicking the link. Any ides what the issue can be?

curl fails after to download 6 MB with only 3 MB transferred.

I’d try first if you can download with curl directly from command line an app from apps.nextcloud.com (just take an app and copy the download link). Checkout how fast you can download from command line. If there are problems, it might help to add -vvvv to have more details in the output.

Then you also upgraded php at some point, did it happen since then? Do you use ipv6? DNS?

This may be one we just have to chock up to Gremlins… I’ve updated apps a couple times since posting and have not had repeat occurrences. php-legacy was updated on march 4, e.g.

[2024-03-04T04:27:01-0600] [ALPM] upgraded php-legacy (8.1.27-2 -> 8.2.16-1)

There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between the curl problem and the php 8.1->8.2 upgrade. The base distro is Archlinux, so I’m rather stuck on the bleeding edge. That said, Arch did create the php-legacy package specifically to support Nexcloud, so whatever the current state of Nextcloud support for php Ver. X is, they have paid pretty close attention to ensure a good transition.

Why curl would just download 1/2 of what it is supposed to is odd. I’ve got a 300M internet connection, so a 6M download shouldn’t tax anything. I just updated and a 400M wesnoth package was updated. The download took only a few seconds.

I pulled the apps.json file with curl. It downloaded without any error. The download rate from the nexcloud server was slow (~ 280K/s), but the entire 14 meg file downloaded fine:

$ curl https://apps.nextcloud.com/api/v1/apps.json > file
$ ls -al
total 14360
drwxr-xr-x  2 david david     4096 May  5 23:04 .
drwxr-xr-x 17 david david     4096 May  5 23:04 ..
-rw-r--r--  1 david david 14695607 May  5 23:05 file

It was a .json file – but I made the mistake of calling tail on the file – of course the damn thing is 14M with no line-endings…

I say we just monitor this issue over the next week or so and make sure any new app updates come though without any issue. If so, we can chock it up to Gremlins (likely a screw-up in configuration by my ISP, a common issue). If the issue repeats, I’ll try and capture as much data about the failure as I can and follow up here.

Thank you for your help.

Yes, in such a case try to repeat it. Perhaps nextcloud just rolled out an update, or there were too many accessing the nextcloud app server.

I just had two more updates (Calendar 4.7.3 and Tasks 0.16.0), and everything worked perfectly. No additional timeouts, no additional tries to update. The notification appeared on screen, I clicked it and it took me to Nextcloud where I clicked the bell with the red dot, and both updates were shown and Update All - did.

We can chock this up to Gremlins and possibly a very busy Nextcloud update server. It is impossible to chase problems that appear, and then disappear – especially when there is an Internet in between the problem endpoints.

Thank you for your help and it looks like you initial thoughts of something transient amiss was correct.

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