25.0.0.RC4 "password re-confirmation" dialog doesn't allow to confirm if Password is pre-filled by Firefox

I am logged into an NC 25.0.0RC4 instance as admin, cookies aren’t deleted upon closing the tab. Close the tab, set PC to sleep for several hours. Open a new tab, access the instance, …/settings/apps. Press “Delete” next to an App (in my case AppOrder, which is no longer maintained). That should lead to a “password re-confirmation” dialog such as this:


As one can see, Firefox pre-filled the password field with the (correct) password. (The Eye icon is the FX “Password toggle” AddOn.) As there is a password entered, the “Confirm” button should be klickable, but isn’t. It’s greyed out / deactivated – presumably by some JS that checks for keypresses. There aren’t any since it has been filled in by FX itself. However, even entering an arbitrary character behind the existing password does not enable the button.

Yet, If I click in the password field and press “Enter”, the password is sent and the app is deleted.

Can anyone confirm that behaviour? If so, I’ll open an issue in server.

Nextcloud: 25.0.0.RC4, Browser: Firefox 105.0.3
OS: Arch Linux (current), Webserver: NGINX 1.22, PHP: 8.1.11

[Bug]: Confirm button on password confirmation dialogue not enabled · Issue #34217 · nextcloud/server · GitHub reported here and fixed after RC4. We found another regression and will issues RC5 tonight, that will have the button fixed. You can just hit enter as work around.


Not fixed in RC5.

It will get fixed in 25.0.1