24 Hour Time in Calendar

When scheduling a calendar event I would like the ability to display the time using the 24-hour clock. I believe this was present in the ownCloud calendar app. Please bring it back. I hate finding out I used the wrong o’clock.

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It still is but it is tied to the language you are using. Probably you use English (US) wich has AM/PM. In your personal settings switch to Engisch (Britisch) for 24h clock.

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Hi Rullzer,
Thank you for the response. I do use the US language and changing to British is not really an option. Having spent years in the Army and then years in Europe I always use 24-hour clock, but if I change my language then it will affect all of the spellchecking throughout Office, web browsers, etc. British and American English have quite different spellings.
I know this worked in ownCloud, I would like to see that ported back in.

Well we use the same calendar ownCloud uses. And note that “change your language” was ment to change the language inside Nextcloud. Just visit /index.php/settings/personal on your Nextcloud instance

I apologize. They must have removed the options when OC 9 came out. I remember setting like this:

I found the setting you pointed out. Thank you for the tip!

EDIT: I just realized that also sets my calendar to Europe defaults: the week starts on Monday now. That’s going to be confusing as… well… something that’s quite confusing :wink: Any chance of bringing back the old options from the screenshot?

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Are there any chances to get the options above mentioned by bryano integrated?

I know anyone can set his language to whatever he want but there are lot’s of people working ‘international’ which are just use english but want to have 24h time format and week starting with monday;
Setting the language options to british english does exactly this but no one of the users come on the idea to try british english and send a message to the admin instead;

From this perspective it would be great to set time format and start week independent from the selected language;

Also the timezone - haven’t tried that out by myself but not seeing any option to set this on the users personal setting:
If the nextcloud server is hosted in the US, one user sits in Germany and one in China and they use the same shared calendar - which timezone will they see then for their calendar entries?
I assume from the locales of the computer where the nextcloud is running on which would be in that case something from the US, right?

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there is indeed a problem with the time format in Calendar app.
I’m also in Europe and as most countries here we do not use 12h clock.

I have selected Estonian as a language (code et_EE), yet the calendar still shows 12h clock and additionally, also some hieroglyphs (i quess instead of the colon or dot character).
If I selected Finnish as a language (fi_FI), the time is correctly shown in 24h (we’re in the same timezone as Finland)

How to fix the problem?

version 9.1.6

It seems you use ownCloud. The issue you mentioned was already fixed in the latest Nextcloud calendar app.

Nope. We removed it on purpose.

We will introduce a new region setting to the server.

The server timezone doesn’t matter. The calendar app automatically detects your timezone and displays it in the correct one.
Users from germany will see events in the Central European (Summer) Time and users from China will see the events in one of the corresponding timezone for china.

I would still like to see 24 hour time, but with the week starting on Sunday. This is still a valid feature request.
Not everyone in the US uses a 12-hour clock (i.e. all military and many multi-national groups), but almost everyone here uses a calendar that starts on Sunday.


I have set the Language to English(US) since that is the only English option left, enGB vanished with NC12. I am in Germany, Windows is set to enGB, yet it uses 12h time, month/day format and the week starts on Sunday, I see no “automatically detects your timezone”.

On Nextcloud 12.0.0(stable)

Binding the calendar format to the locale is needlessly restrictive and dogmatic. When a new user/calendar is created, defaulting the 12/24 hour time, starting on Monday/Sunday to the locale makes plenty of sense, but there is no good reason that I can think of for why a user shouldn’t be able to customize this to their desires. Please make this configurable outside of the locale.


Still a problem. There is no single locale that would match what I need so that needs to be a separate set of setting and not locale.

I guess that is a common issue for all immigrants and people who developed non-standard habits for whatever other reason.

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Why would you do this? Why not let the user customize their experience?


I am new here but experience the same issue: being in New Zealand but with a need to operate a 24 hr clock (not am/pm). I seem to achieve this currently only by choosing “English UK” but that seems to have wider impacts on calendar entries then being created in the (UK) timezone.
Because this issue was reported here so long ago, I hope that this has been solved in the meantime and I might just look in the wrong place?

Same here. I would like to keep my locale as US English, but have the option of a 24hour clock.

Same here. Things like that should be configurable independently of the global locale settings.

However, this would probably require further abstraction of the calendar app from the server backend, and as I’m not a developer, I have no idea if this is even possible with the sabre/dav backend and the Symfony framework they use.

Please add the 24-hour and start day options. I switched to nextcloud from afterlogic aurora, which had those options. Google calendar has them, Outlook has them, etc. When I check the date from my server’s command line, it uses 24 hour time, and I can change the locale variables for time, language, and start day independently. Please add this feature.

And also please add an option to all users to set their time zones. i might want to see times in the same time zone as a colleague somewhere else. And there is the issue of browsers’ anti-fingerprinting measures spoofing the browser time. Email sent/received times, appointment times, file creating and modification times, etc. are extremely important and should be under the user’s control to a much greater extent.

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There was an issue about a wrong setting for the Irish locale:

A similar topic was linked to the first topic as well.

This all seems to be solved, I’m not really sure how. Perhaps check a bit more in detail the bug tracker on github and if there are still things broken that were supposed to be fixed, you can open a new ticket.

Please stick to one topic. If you have other issue, please handle them in separate threads.

What was the reason for locking time/date/week formats to region/language choices?

It’s seems kinda backwards, flexibility of a system like this increases functionality, not just on people who use 24Hr time in the US (Military, Medical, Film/TV Professionals, etc) but also from a data standpoint, we should be able to pick our date formats independently as well, Some want 04-18-2024, some 18-04-2024, (and the right way, of course: 2024-04-18).

I don’t understand why it needs to be selected from a list of specific combinations—especially ones tied to your language. (Even more especially when it was a selectable option menu in an earlier version.)