2.7 beta 3 of the desktop client is ready for testing!

Originally published at: https://nextcloud.com/blog/2-7-beta-3-of-the-desktop-client-is-ready-for-testing/

The desktop team made the 3rd beta of 2.7 available. This version contains further fixes after feedback on our earlier beta, including support for version 1.1 of the E2EE API.

Version 2.7 comes with a nice new menu, as you might have read in our announcement of 2.6.5 and 2.7 beta 2.

The new desktop client menu

If you’d like to help test the End-to-end encryption, see this forum post.

Please also test our mobile clients and their interoperability! Test releases for the other clients are scheduled for the coming week.

here are the downloads:

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Sounds Good :slight_smile:

Has anyone tested this new UI on a smaller touchscreen? Like a Pinetab or Pinephone? Looks like it might work better than the previous one.

I tried to install the PPA
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nextcloud-devs/client-beta/ubuntu bionic main
on my Linux Mint desktop. It does not seem to work, I still get the 2.6.5 version of the client, even when I remove and reinstall it.

I installed the AppImage in the meantime, that works.

Weird, there seem to be binaries there… But I’m not super experienced with Debian or Ubuntu packages… Maybe you explicitly have to signify what version you want?

When trying to install the app says another client.exe is running and ask if it should be stopped. Can I have two clients active at same time? Or do I have to deactivate or deinstall my current client?

You can not have 2 running at the same time but you can have 2 versions installed. You might have issues with the context menu in the file manager because the plugin is unique - you will only be able to use one version there, but the rest should work.

Linking to files, photos etc. works fine except linking to talk:

Edit: The reason seems to be the missing “index.php” in the URL.