16GB Files in Folders appdata_oc3o8gj7dyh8 and appdata_ocz20q5nkq0d

Nextcloud version: 21.0.5
Operating system and version: Linux 4.9.0-16-amd64 x86_64
Apache or nginx version : ???
PHP version : 7.3.31

The issue you are facing:

Figuring out that nextcloud is taking more space on the server than I am having set as space for me as user, I found that I am having 16GB of data in the Folders appdata_oc3o8gj7dyh8 and appdata_ocz20q5nkq0d.

What is this? Is it old data from older versions/temporary files durign updates? And can I delete them whitout worrying to loose data?

Thanks a lot

Normally there is only one folder e.g. appdata_******
Please check the date of the folders and files.

Perhaps you can rename the folder with the older data (old installation?) in appdata_trash and if all works you can then delete this renamed folder.

But you can also delete old backups in:


Normally you only need the last backup.
If you have a backup of your webspace you can delete also the latest backup on the server.

I have two,

appdata_oc3o8gj7dyh8 is from 28. Jan. 2020 (but it has only 24.5 MB)
appdata_ocz20q5nkq0d is from 18. Aug. 2021 and has 16,2 GB

There is also a folder updater-ocz20q5nkq0d/backups from 18. Aug. 2021 with 2,06 GB

So the both big folders seems to be from the last update. Whereas the backup ist “only” 2,06 GB. If I delete them still remains 16,2 GB where I don’t really dare to delete them. Maybe I’ll try the renaming, but should make a backup first maybe.

I looked inside the folder which content is relevant and found out, that the whole 16,2 GB is the data/appdata_ocz20q5nkq0d/preview-Folder. :crazy_face:

Yes. The “problem” is “preview”. Search the help forum.